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Clean Water Initiative

Hands of Friendship is campaigning for clean water for 6 villages , a primary and a secondary working with the Former Student Association who want to help uplift their former school.

Solar Powered Borehole

We are working with people in Chipinda village to build a solar powered borehole for the Pimary and Secondary school and the surrounding village.

Clean sanitation project

We have an ongoing project to provide clean sanitation to Chipinda Primary and High School. We are building toilets at the school.

HOrtiCulture and Poultry

We are helping Chipinda locals in with chicken rearing and gardening for self sustainability. We are fundraising an initial capital to make the project more viable and easier to do. We are raising funds for the project. Check the proporsal here.

Solar Powered borehole

Re: Request for Solar Powered Borehole support for the Chipinda Primary and Secondary Schools.

This document serves to request for assistance towards the drilling of Borehole that will support Chipinda Primary and Secondary Schools. Our wish is to assist these schools to have Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and sustainable projects that will raise funds for the betterment of the schools. Currently the schools are relying on community bush pump borehole which during the dry season cannot meet the demands of the schools and the surrounding villages.

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Blog posts

New toilets at Chipinda. Click Here!!

We have finished building toilets at Chipinda The toilets we were building at Chipinda are finaly finished. It was a great stride but through our faithful donors we are now through. Hands Of Frienship wants to thank eveeryone who contributed. We believe these toilets will provide sanity to the Chipinda community. Check our other projects […]

Borehole drilling has commenced at Chipinda. Click here!!

Finally the drilling at Chipinda for the borehole has commenced. Our main project for 2020 has started. We wanted to provide a solar powered borehole in Chipinda. Currently the region has been suffering a drought and a solar powered borehole is the most sustainable in the long run.

Our current projects. Click Here!!!

Fundraising for the boreholes in Chipinda. Recently we are fundraising for boreholes for 6 villages in Chipinda. The boreholes are going to be solar powered and used for the various projects like poultry, pigery and hoticulture to mention a few. Zimbabwe has been hit with drought in the recent years. We are fundraising to provide […]

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